Mediation provides a process where family members can work through issues with a neutral third party towards solutions that are effective for their unique situation without the expense of lengthy or costly litigation or stalemates.

Blended Families

Blended families create a unique set to circumstances for estate planning. Talking with a neutral third party will help you determine a fair distribution for your specific situation.  A guided discussion keeps the parties on task without derailing the discussions with highly emotional topics.  Having a plan will ease your mind since you know how your assets pass to the next generation.

Aging Parents

When a parent needs additional care, it’s not always clear to the family the best way to move forward.  These conversations can easily turn into other familial disagreements instead of a concrete plan for mom and dad.  There’s not always one right answers for these situations, so speaking with a mediator will help all keep on track and understand each person’s viewpoint.  Plans can be made with checkpoints and potential alternatives as the situation unfolds.  Having a third party to help find common ground will allow the family to support one another in a highly emotional time.

Real Estate

When families are left with real estate, they may not agree on keeping the property versus selling.  A mediator can not only assist in discussing the issues, but can lay out the ownership interest and what it might look like owning together or partial and full buyouts.  In addition, agreements can be made for what owning a property together might look like for expenses, visitation, improvements, and ongoing communication for all owners.

Probate Disagreements

It’s not uncommon for years old feelings to bubble to the surface after a loved ones death.  Many times we see this play out in probate disagreements.  Timelines for cleanouts or division of family heirlooms can be side-tracked by issues that are hard to discuss with each other.  A mediator can help parties air out issues and keep the process moving along instead of creating divides in the family relationships.

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