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Pre-Planning for Long-Term Care

Have you thought about what will happen if or when you need additional care as you age? Perhaps you are concerned about a loved one instead of yourself? For some, aging in place is of the utmost importance. For others, fear of being a burden to family drives their choices. Concern about financing possible care is always paramount.

Advanced planning in anticipation of potential long-term care needs may be the difference between living out your senior years the way you've envisioned or having your choices limited by circumstances and failure to address such worries. Our attorneys will listen to your goals, work with you to develop a strategy to help you attain those goals, and provide a timetable and benchmarks for your particular strategies.

Common concerns woven into a strategic long-term care plan include:

How to keep your family member at home with the care they need;

Managing transitions if needs progress beyond home care to assisted living or skilled care;

Protecting the family home if one or both partners needs nursing home care;

Understanding how MassHealth/Medicaid perceives transfers or gifts made within five years of nursing home placement;

Ensuring any spouse remaining in the community has enough money to maintain a meaningful standard of living;

Knowing the rights of a family member who moves in with a senior to prevent them from being placed in a nursing home;

Protecting assets for a disabled child; and

Availability of Veterans (VA) benefits.

The regulatory climate around health care is complex and frequently changes and evolves, and the thought of planning for a time where you may need additional assistance in such an environment is daunting. We will answer your questions, tailoring them specifically to your family's situation and established goals, in order to give you clarity and peace-of-mind.

Feel free to contact our long-term care paralegal, Gina Cronin, at 978-772-2442 ext. 4, with immediate questions. She will start you on the correct path in anticipation of a meeting with one of our attorneys.

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